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"The world stands upon three pillars: upon the study of Torah, upon Divine service and prayer, and upon acts of loving-kindness."

 Ethics of the fathers 1:2

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Torah Study

"Torah refreshes the soul...and the precepts of God rejoice the heart."

- Psalm 19:7-8 


We are thrilled to provide for you a wide array of our daily online classes, along with warm recommendations of books, videos, and virtual opportunities that will enrich your mind, 'refresh your soul', and infuse your life with meaning and joy.

Jewish Man Praying

Prayer & Meditations

"When a person places his full trust in God — particularly by means of his prayer — bad decrees will be annulled, and undesirable situations will be transformed into good ones."

- The Zohar


Join us for one or all of our daily prayer services, where we gather together screen-to-screen but heart-to-heart, to pray, and 'shake the heavens' on our behalf, and on behalf of our world. We have also prepared for you various meditations and ideas for you to reflect on at your leisure.  


Acts of Kindness

"A little bit of light expels a lot of darkness."

- Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi


In these trying times, we call upon you to join us and help us make a positive difference, each in our own way. 

You can join our CBT emergency relief team, or just take upon yourself a good deed from our list of suggestions. Your little bit of light will then surely expel a lot of darkness and bring healing and redemption to our world.

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