Acts Of Loving-kindness

"A little bit of light, expels a lot of darkness"

- Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi


 Call ten people who you may have not spoken to in a long time for whatever reason, and re-ignite your bond with them. 


Turn your home into an abode of kindness and add a charity box to the rooms of your homes, in your kitchen and bedrooms, and increase in acts of charity, as the book of Proverbs teaches that “charity saves from death” (10:2


 Seek out the vulnerable in your neighborhood and in our community, and help them purchase groceries, and medicine that they may need, and deliver it to them. 

CBT Emergency Team

CBT has assembled an emergency team to prepare and deliver groceries, medicine, and basic necessities to those who are ill, at risk, and/or quarantined. Please email Valerie Borden at if you would like to join this team, or if you are in need of any help, food, medicine, and basic necessities (your name will remain in strict confidence). 

About this
special website of Scottsdale's Congregation Beth Tefillah

This website was born during this unprecedented "Covid-19" era, in which many are forced into quarantine, to exercise "social distancing" and seclusion. Yet, at our vibrant Congregation Beth Tefillah, we are determined to continue to grow and learn, and exercise "social bonding" and "inclusion", if not physically, than virtually and spiritually.  In the words of our Rabbi, Rabbi Pinchas Allouche: "Every physical hug not given for the fear of spreading germs, ought to be replaced with a spiritual hug of unconditional love and care, wisdom and inspiration to be more and do more for one another." For more info on our Congregation, visit us at:

Congregation Beth Tefillah




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