7:15 am Soul-Study

Exploring the secrets of the Tanya & Jewish Mysticism 




11:30 am

Happiness Hour Class

 CBT's Happiness hour class continues! In this class, Rabbi Allouche delves into many texts and references culled from our traditions, to address a relevant topic, and draw from it many relevant and uplifting life-lessons

1:00 pm

Thirteen Petalled Rose Class

In this riveting Kabbalah class, that studies the best-selling book of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, "The Thirteen Petalled Rose," many foundational and transformational concepts of Kaballah and Jewish Mysticism are studies, and made relevant for our practical lives. 

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Special Class:

Answering YOUR Questions

In this class, which began at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Rabbi Allouche does his best to address your most pressing questions and concerns, that may come up during these uncertain times. Please submit any question you'd like. Your questions will be kept in strict confidence. 


Weekly Sermonette

Ancient wisdom for modern times: Relevant ideas from the weekly portion.


In lieu of his acclaimed Shabbat morning sermons, Rabbi Allouche will deliver his sermon on Friday mornings at 11:30am.

Motsaei Shabbat / Sat. Eve

7:00 pm

Evening Services & Havdallah

About this
special website of Scottsdale's Congregation Beth Tefillah

This website was born during this unprecedented "Covid-19" era, in which many are forced into quarantine, to exercise "social distancing" and seclusion. Yet, at our vibrant Congregation Beth Tefillah, we are determined to continue to grow and learn, and exercise "social bonding" and "inclusion", if not physically, than virtually and spiritually.  In the words of our Rabbi, Rabbi Pinchas Allouche: "Every physical hug not given for the fear of spreading germs, ought to be replaced with a spiritual hug of unconditional love and care, wisdom and inspiration to be more and do more for one another." For more info on our Congregation, visit us at:

Congregation Beth Tefillah




6529 E Shea blvd, 85254

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