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Tuesday, June 23

8:00 pm

Award Winning, World-Aviation Expert, International Consultant,

Mr. Michael Allouche

(Also... Rabbi Allouche's father :) )


Flying High: My Life As a Jew In The World of Aviation

Michael Allouche was born in France in 1953. He is an Aerospace Engineer and is graduated from the French High Aerospace Engineering School ‘SupAéro’ of Toulouse. 
He has accumulated some 44 years of professional experience in the Aerospace Industry, namely at as Avionics Certification Manager at Airbus Industries, Office of Airworthiness, Toulouse, France. Taking an active part in the development and certification of the first Commercial Fly-By-Wire Aircraft (A320) and then at Israel Aerospace Industries (at IAI) since 1992 when together with his family he made Ayah, following the guidance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. At IAI, he worked on the design and certification of the IAI Galaxy (G200) business aircraft before he was appointed Unmanned Aircraft System Airworthiness Manager, managing all the technical activities leading to the worldwide certification of IAI UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) products. 
Michael Allouche has also been actively involved in Unmanned Aircraft System international rule-making activities. In 2016 he was nominated co-chairman of Standard Development Organization EUROCAE UAS WG-105 and participated to various international working groups such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and tNATO.
In 2016, Michael Allouche was awarded the IAI CEO Prize for his leading role in all activities related to UAS airworthiness, flight safety and certification. In 2019, he was also granted the EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment) life-time achievement award. 
He just retired from IAI. He is now acting as a private consultant in his field of expertise and experience. His first activity has been to successfully instruct a training course at EUROCAE on UAS Airworthiness and Safety.
Michael Allouche lives with his wife Katy, his children and grandchildren in Jerusalem, except those who have decided to devote their life to Jews in the Diaspora.
Last but not least, he is a fervent disciple of Rav Adin Even Israël Steinsaltz and has translated some ten of his books into French

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11:30 am 

Happiness hour 

Tune in for weekly wisdom and relevant life-lessons from Jewish texts and teachers, delivered by Rabbi Allouche

1:00 pm 

The Thirteen Petalled Rose

Riveting Kaballah Class on Rabbi Steinsaltz's book

"The Thirteen Petalled Rose"

7:00 pm

Kidney Donation

Awareness Event

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Join us for this community-wide event put together to help save the life of a dear friend and member of the Phoenix Community



7:30 pm

Q & A with Rabbi Allouche

 In this new class, Rabbi Allouche will address your most pressing questions and concerns, that may arouse during these uncertain times.


Weekly Sermonette

Ancient wisdom for modern times: Relevant ideas from the weekly portion.


In lieu of his acclaimed Shabbat morning sermons, Rabbi Allouche will deliver his sermon on Friday mornings at 11:30am.

Motsaei Shabbat

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Evening Services & Havdallah

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